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Audio Description Sample

descriptive narration sample The Imitation Game Audio Description 00:02 [TALKOVER] (“…Alan! Alan!”) Alan runs past the security stop. [“ALAN!”] The guards stop Joan, but she breaks free. Hugh, John, and Peter show the guards their identification. [“-PETER BLOODY HILTON!” “ALAN?”] In the research hut, Joan watches Alan dump decrypted messages onto the desk. The others […]

Neil Haley Show

The Neil Haley Show interview Top Hollywood Voice Over Artist…Roy Samuelson 8/3/2018      

Best of Tales Vol 1

  Narration for Audible’s “Best of Tales” Volume 1. The sample audio is from the first short story, written as a poem. There are many stories in this collection.  


        I narrate this spy story Spooker — it has some really creepy elements to it. Click on the image to hear a sample from amazon.  

Poison Shy

I narrate this audiobook Poison Shy about obsession, fear, and post-college life in a small Canadian town

Space Angel

Here’s Space Angel, a sci fi audiobook I narrated. http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=sr_1_2?asin=B00APORYPU&qid=1355925434&sr=1-2


American Horror Story

“Dark Cousin” episode airing November 28th (the night of this posting) on FX network – my voice from the radio (no spoilers, right?). I believe this is the first time I’ve spoken with Jessica Lange.


BOMB: The Race to Build…

Narrated the audiobook for the National Book Award Finalist Bomb: The Race to Build–and Steal–the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon Here a sample to listen to….

The Villier’s Touch

Narrated the audiobook The Villier’s Touch by Brian Garfield — a financial-suspense storyline, written in the 70’s by the screenwriter of “Hopscotch.” There’s even a key party.  


JetLev: instruction and safety from ThreeTwoFive on Vimeo.