White letters on a blue background" "Warren" underlined

Original Elizabeth Warren video, and Audio Description mp3 below with script.

Audio Description Script

An image of Mark Zuckerberg. if she gets elected president, then you go to the mat and you fight.

Text: The rich and powerful are afraid of Elizabeth Warren

They’ll tell you themselves

An image of a newspaper headline: Wall Street is freaking out at the thought of President Liz Warren

Liz Warren speaks at an interview

Warren – join the fight. Text Warren to 24477


Logo Pete over a white bridge shape, between the numbers 20 and 20

Audio Description of campaign ad here (audio only)

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(View other Pete Buttigieg campaign ad with Audio Description here)

Audio Description script, written by Hedy Burress

(music plays)
An image of Pete Buttigieg in Afghanistan.

A photo of an abandoned factory, and Pete shakes hands with constituents.

Pete listens and talks with voters from all walks of life.

Text: Pete For America dot com

Pete addresses a rally of people who applaud

Logo Pete over a white bridge shape, between the numbers 20 and 20

As more Presidential candidates release ads for 2020, I’d like to help provide AD for our American voters who are blind or low vision. Audio description for Pete for America: “The Only Way”

Original video here

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Description by Hedy Burress

Narration by Roy Samuelson

Audio Description Script:

(music plays)
Photos of Pete Buttigieg, in combat training in Afghanistan then working at his desk in South Bend, Indiana. Pete himself speaks to camera.

A river runs under blue skies, and Pete listens and talks with concerned and diverse citizens.

At a rally, Pete confidently leads a large and attentive crowd.

Pete addresses the camera directly.

Glass stars James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis looking ominous behind a broken pane of glass

(2019 SOVAS nomination for Narration category) Glass Parking Lot Fight Scene with Audio Description


Glass Parking Lot Fight Scene with Audio Description from roy on Vimeo.

Toyota Corolla with a male driver in metal makeup

Hear Roy’s voice over tag at the end of the Toyota Corolla commercial

Vimeo video and script for Pulp Fiction audio description sample

Pulp Fiction Audio Description Video link and script below


A young man unlocks an apartment door. Vincent and Jules step inside. A second young man eats at a table. [“HEY KIDS. HOW YOU BOYS DOIN’? HEY, KEEP CHILLIN’.”] Jules motions for a young man on a couch to prop up his foot. He gives the “okay” sign, then turns to the man at the table.



(“…business partner, don’t you?)

The man glances up uneasily. [“NOW LET ME TAKE A WILD GUESS HERE.”] Jules looks at the man on the couch, then points to the one at the table.



(“…Wallace, don’t you, Brett?”)

Brett nods.



(“…’bout that. Whatcha havin’?”)

Vincent steps to the kitchen.



(“…try one of yours?”)

Brett shakes his head. [“THIS IS YOURS HERE, RIGHT?” (FAINT) “YEAH.”] The young man gestures and nods. Watching him, Jules grabs the cheeseburger. He takes a bite.



(“…they call it that?”)

Brett shrugs.



(“…that’s right, the metric system.”)

Jules points at a cup.



(“…down? Go right ahead.”)

Jules grabs the cup. [PAUSE] Keeping his eyes on Brett, he takes a long drink through the straw. [SLURP][SIGH] He puts the cup down. [“THAT HIT THE SPOT.”] Jules steps to the couch.



(“…you a goddamn thing.”)

The man who answered the door wears a stunned look. Jules keeps is eyes on him. [“YOU WERE SAYING?” “IT’S IN THE CUPBOARD.”] Vincent opens a kitchen cabinet. [“NO, THE ONE BY YOUR KNEES.”] He lowers out of view behind the counter. The man on the couch looks anxiously to Jules. Brett glances toward the kitchen. With a cigarette in his mouth, Vincent sets a briefcase on the countertop. He spins the dials of the combination lock to read: “six-six-six.” [PAUSE] Vincent opens the lid, and a golden glow shines on his face.  He takes the cigarette from his mouth as he stares. [“WE HAPPY?” “VINCENT?”]

Bosch TV show actor Titus Welliver near power lines

Bosch TV show actor Titus Welliver near power lines

Bosch, Season 5 – Amazon

Episode Titles 501 – 510

Two Kinds Of Truth


Pill Shills

The Last Scrip
Raise The Dead
Tunnel Vision
The Space Between The Stars
The Wisdom of the Desert
Salvation Mountain
Hold Back The Night
Creep Signed His Kill

talkin' toons, talkin' in a comic bubble and toons in theater lights

Pinky adds a new take to A Christmas Story with help from Roy Samuelson in this clip from Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen

Pinky and Roy Samuelson in A Christmas Story

Pinky adds a new take to A Christmas Story with help from Roy Samuelson in this clip from Talkin' Toons with Rob Paulsen!

Posted by Nerdist on Friday, December 14, 2018

an image of benedict cummerbatch with a picture in picture of a man speaking into a microphone

descriptive narration sample

The Imitation Game Audio Description

(“…Alan! Alan!”)
Alan runs past the security stop. [“ALAN!”] The guards stop Joan, but she breaks free. Hugh, John, and Peter show the guards their identification. [“-PETER BLOODY HILTON!” “ALAN?”] In the research hut, Joan watches Alan dump decrypted messages onto the desk. The others arrive.

(“…Predictable words.” “Exactly.”)
They all search thru the files.

(“…message from this morning.”)
The team hurries across the dark street to the other hut. They adjust settings on Alan’s massive cryptology device.

(“…last 6am message?” “L” “L”)
Alan moves cables.

(“…Q.” “Q.” “Done.”)
He turns three knobs, and the letter wheels on the device start to spin. Hugh and John watch anxiously. [PAUSE] Nervously rubbing his lip, Alan grabs his notes from nearby. The team stares at the churning mechanism. [:02 PAUSE] Alan mumbles to himself as he watches. [(FAINT) “COME ON, CHRISTOPHER.”] [02:00] A row of wheels spins rapidly, while the ones below tick by at a steady pace. [:02 PAUSE] Alan stares with an intense expression. [MACHINE STOPS] The wheels stop. [“OH MY GOD.”] Stepping up to the large device, Alan takes notes of the wheels’ positions. [“WHAT HAPPENED?”] He hurries past the others. [“DID IT WORK?” “ALAN-”] Running to the other hut, Alan turns the gears on the Enigma machine. [“I NEED A NEW MESSAGE. THE LATEST INTERCEPT.”] Peter brings over a piece of paper and gives it to Joan. Alan rearranges the machine’s wires. John grabs a notebook and pencil.

(“…C.” “C.” “T.” “T.” “R-”)
As Alan taps on the keys, different letters above them light up. John writes them down. [“-R.” “R.” “I.” “I.”] John holds up the small notebook, and Hugh reads.

(“…degree West.” (FAINT) “Heil Hitler.”)
With a stunned look, Alan lifts his hands from the machine. Joan covers her mouth. [“TURNS OUT THAT’S THE ONLY GERMAN YOU NEED TO KNOW TO, UH, BREAK ENIGMA.”] He smiles tearfully. John gives a brief grin. Alan chuckles in relief, and Hugh swings the notebook. [“YES!”] Joan hugs Alan, while Hugh hugs John. [:03 LAUGHS] [03:50] Peter grins as he holds his hands to his head. Joan smiles proudly at Alan, who beams at the Enigma machine. Peter throws his arms around Hugh, and John hugs Alan. As Joan embraces Hugh, he briefly lifts her off the ground. [:03 PAUSE] [04:08] Hugh turns to Alan, and their smiles fade. [:03 PAUSE] He gives a solemn nod, and Alan grins faintly. [:02 PAUSE] Smiling, Alan sits back down at the machine as the others celebrate. Peter hugs him from behind. [:02 LAUGHS 04:29] He steps away, and Alan stares at the machine with an emotional expression.

Mark Felt showing lead actor Liam Neeson in profile as Felt

Mark Felt showing lead actor Liam Neeson in profile as Felt

Sony Pictures Classics feature (2017)