White letters on a blue background" "Warren" underlined

Original Elizabeth Warren video, and Audio Description mp3 below with script.

Audio Description Script

An image of Mark Zuckerberg. if she gets elected president, then you go to the mat and you fight.

Text: The rich and powerful are afraid of Elizabeth Warren

They’ll tell you themselves

An image of a newspaper headline: Wall Street is freaking out at the thought of President Liz Warren

Liz Warren speaks at an interview

Warren – join the fight. Text Warren to 24477


Logo Pete over a white bridge shape, between the numbers 20 and 20

As more Presidential candidates release ads for 2020, I’d like to help provide AD for our American voters who are blind or low vision. Audio description for Pete for America: “The Only Way”

Original video here

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Description by Hedy Burress

Narration by Roy Samuelson

Audio Description Script:

(music plays)
Photos of Pete Buttigieg, in combat training in Afghanistan then working at his desk in South Bend, Indiana. Pete himself speaks to camera.

A river runs under blue skies, and Pete listens and talks with concerned and diverse citizens.

At a rally, Pete confidently leads a large and attentive crowd.

Pete addresses the camera directly.

The Score poster with man dangling

Paramount Feature The Score (2001, audio description 2019)

The Saint poster with Lead

Paramount Feature The Saint (2017, audio description 2019)

Mortal Engines Poster with Cast

Universal Feature Mortal Engines (2018)

Upgrade Poster with Lead

Focus Features Feature Upgrade (2018)

Sony Picture Feature, 2017

Everest Poster with Men on Mountain

Universal feature Everest (2015)

Tom and Jerry Banner

Promo for Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats DVD

Young Justice Animated Cast

Warner Series Young Justice Season 1 Promo “New to the Game”