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https://www.dailybloid.com/interview/interview-with-roy-samuelson–leading-voice-over-artist-in-film–television–radio   Roy Samuelson is a leading voice over artist in film, television, radio and internet.  His smooth as silk tones have been heard in campaigns for major U.S. brands like McDonald’s, Target and Ford.  Angelenos are familiar with him from listening to his promos on LA’s KCRW/PBS Radio.  Currently, he is a major force […]

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ROY SAMUELSON, THE VOICE OF HOLLYWOOD ROY SAMUELSON, THE VOICE OF HOLLYWOOD By Vic Gerami Roy Samuelson October is ‘Blind Awareness Month.’ Many people in the Hollywood Industry, including film and television creators do not even realize that there is a service that films and television shows can offer that enable some estimated 26,000,000 Americans […]

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Roy Samuelson is honored to be nominated in the narration category for the 2019 SOVAS Awards for his Audio Description narration work for the Universal Pictures’ film “Glass.” Roy’s Audio Description audiences are primarily Blind or Low Vision. This narration work provides access to the elements of the producers’ or directors’ visual intent – for […]

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Hearing the Picture: How Audio Description Creates a True Movie Experience for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Image link description: A recording studio with engineers, equipement, and two narrators behind glass in front of a mic)

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link to article   Many years ago, I worked The Great Movie Ride in Walt Disney World, where guests would go through movie scenes with audio animatronics. I narrated the scenes as a host – and later, as a gangster who gets blown up. In a sense, this was my first experience with audio description. […]

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wattpad interview (text below) Victoria G: What inspired you to become a voice actor? Roy Samuelson: I enjoyed recording on tape as a kid. Once when I was doing an announcement for a performance, I learned about how I could use my voice to be clearer. Enunciation was something I never thought about. That blew […]

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DailyBloid Somewhere In Vegas Hollywood Times Film Daily Interview We Are Entertainment News Interview Digital Journal Interview Director’s Notes Interview WRBH Interview LA Talk Radio Interview Get Real: Indie Filmmakers Break Down Walls Interview MPAA “The Credits” Interview Soap Opera News Article That Moment In Interview Spectrum One News Running All Day July 30th, 2019 […]

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Meet the voice of Hollywood: Roy Samuelson   Film Daily interview text below: Listen up! We have interviewed the voice of Hollywood himself, Roy Samuelson. Billions have had the pleasure of hearing this well-established Hollywood voiceover artist in action, but we’re finally getting to know the man behind the voice. Roy Samuelson is known for […]

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Voice Over Artist Roy Samuelson Talks His Career & The Emergence of A Ground Breaking Life-Changing Service for Blind and Low Vision Audiences in TV, Streaming, and Film!  

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Meet Roy Samuelson, the Voice-Over Artist Helping the Blind & Visually Impaired Experience Films (image link description: Spider-Man wearing a jacket, laying down, wearing earphones)

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Text: Get real # Does your film reach the millions of blind [audiences] worldwide? Roy Samuelson & his advocacy for audio description

  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dont-forget-audio-description-for-blind-guest-roy-samuelson/id1378490238?i=1000447683935   Including “Audio Description” in your production will enable the 26 million blind audiences in the US to enjoy your movie. We talk with Roy Samuelson, who narrates audio description for films like First Man & Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Voice Over Artist Roy Samuelson on Bringing Films like Us & Spider-Man: Far From Home to the Blind

https://www.soapoperanews.net/2019/08/voice-over-artist-roy-samuelson-talks.html see updated article link here