9-1-1 in red text above the freeways of Los Angeles

9-1-1 in red text above the freeways of Los Angeles

Fox TV Promos

Escape! NBC banner

NBC Special Escape! Promotional

Costa Concordia: 2/20/2015

Escape! Dateline Costa Concordia: 2/27/2015

Escape! NBC banner

Promos for Behind the Scenes with Angelina Jolie on NBC

1: 12/5/2014

2: 12/5/2014

3: 2015

Tom and Jerry Banner

Promo for Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats DVD


Young Justice DVD

Archer Season 1 DVD

KCET – Jacque Pepin


kcet-jan KCET – Sesame Street

KCET – Excuses Be Gone with Dr Wayne Dyer

KCET – Antiques Road Show

Humble Beauty


Earth Day 40th Anniversary

The Buddha

Chris Botti “Boston Part 2 with Sting, John Mayer and Steven Tyler

“Tavis Smiley Reports: New Orleans Been In The Storm Too Long”


Grand Performances

with Jaipur Kawa

Climate Refugees and Dzi Croquettes

with Geoff “Double G” Gallegos and his Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra

“Turtle Island Quartet”


Multiple voices and casting for Children’s book trailers

Sector 7

I Have A Little Problem

Bear’s Picture

Soccer Hour




Young Justice Animated Cast

Warner Series Young Justice Season 1 Promo “New to the Game”