Text: Get real # Does your film reach the millions of blind [audiences] worldwide? Roy Samuelson & his advocacy for audio description


Including “Audio Description” in your production will enable the 26 million blind audiences in the US to enjoy your movie. We talk with Roy Samuelson, who narrates audio description for films like First Man & Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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That Blind Tech Show: The Return of Roy! Audio Describer and Voice Artist Roy Samuelson is in the Studio

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Continuing the #AudioDescription conversation this time with Voice Over Artist and AD Narrator Roy Samuelson. Hear about his start in the business, more about the process of creating Audio Description from his perspective and our shared enthusiasm for the subject.

We’re talking;
* Process – can Blind and Low Vision Narrators participate?
* Normalization vs. Diversity – Is there room for non-white voices?
* Technology & other opportunities for growth in the field and more…

reid my mind

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