accessing audio description on different devices

For additional details, go to audio description project

Netflix iOS
start playing the content
touch screen
bottom center, touch “Audio & Subtitles”
along bottom left, click on English – Audio Description
click the top right X to return to video
(to turn off, touch screen, touch Audio & Subtitles, touch English – Audio Description to uncheck, touch top right X)

Amazon Prime iOS
start playing content
touch screen
touch top right icon in the shape of a text bubble (2nd from the top right corner)
along top right column, touch English [Audio Description]
touch top “Close”
(to turn off, touch screen, touch top right icon of text bubble, touch English [Audio Description] to uncheck, touch close

Live Television (thanks to audio description project)

Go into the menu system of your television set or your cable box and locate the Audio menu.
Under Audio, you will find an option to turn on SAP.
(Sometimes the remote control will have a button labeled Audio or MTS or even SAP, and by pressing this button you can rotate through the two or three audio options generally provided).

But if you must go to a menu and select the audio functions, you may find the option you are looking for listed under Languages. There you may find that your two options are most likely English and Spanish (or Español), depending on how the manufacturer wishes to present this. (The option Spanish or Español is there because Spanish language is sometimes made available via the SAP channel. So the SAP or Secondary Audio Program audio channel can be either Spanish-language or audio description — or nothing.)

Cable Box (again thanks to audio description project)
satellite or cable box, don’t make any changes on your television: the control of the second audio program comes exclusively through the cable box itself. If you happen to be using what’s called a Broadcast Digital Converter Box to translate over-the-air digital signals for your old analog television, then you will need to activate a separate feature on that box to activate the SAP feature; however not all converter boxes that are available have this capability.

Theatrical Movies (again thanks to audio description project)
To access the description, ask for an audio description headset when you purchase your ticket at the box office

Make sure that they didn’t misunderstand you and are giving you an Assisted Listening Device (ALD) headset for people who are hearing-impaired! You don’t want an ALD headset: you want the audio description headset